Large image illustration of LOVE SONG (violin)
  • LOVE SONG (violin)
  • violin solo
  • music print
  • 11:30 min. [4 pages]
  • created in 2002
  • published by Svensk Musik
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LOVE SONG is a reaction against dramatic music. The music lacks obvious dramatic aim. Instead the music moves circularly inside its own boundaries. LOVE SONG could be seen as a single man's story or confession - a psychological portrait, where we sink deeper and deeper into the sub-conscious.

The work exists in two versions, one for solo violin and one for solo viola. Both versions are dedicated to Fredrik Paulsson, who also premiered them (the viola version in The New Music Series at Nybrokajen 11 in Stockholm, December 3rd 2002, and the violin version in Lidköping). The concert at Nybrokajen was recorded and broadcasted by The Swedish National Radio (P2).)


Review of the viola-version:

But also Martin Willert's "Love Song", which was now premiered, has to do with the restrained*. Double grips, rich broken chords, glissandi and flautandi do never become shallow effects, but are rather signs of a sincere love for the timbre of the viola.

* or discreet, subtle

(Sara Norling, Dagens Nyheter, 2002-12-05)

Men också Martin Willerts "Love Song", som nu fick sitt uruppförande, spelar med det nedtonade. Dubbelgrepp, fylliga brutna ackord, glissandon och flautandon blir aldrig ytliga effekter, utan är snarare tecken på en uppriktig förälskelse i altfiolens klang.

(Sara Norling, Dagens Nyheter, 2002-12-05)